Author Classroom Visits

Writing Workshops

I’ve hosted author classroom visits in dozens of schools with thousands of students all over the Midwest. I’m always excited to pass on a little of what I’ve learned about writing to the next generation of authors, poets, and artists. My three major workshops are:


Story Craft 101: Character Creation

After teaching students the way I design the characters for my novels, together we brainstorm a character for my next book. Students are also given the opportunity to participate in the Create a Villain Challenge. Competing against other students from across the country, they design their own minor villain for my sequel, with the winning student’s villain appearing in the book!

Story Craft 202: Building an Epic Plot

After teaching students the way I plot out my novels using the Scene and Sequel method, together in small groups, we plot out a short story featuring characters and storylines they create.

Story Craft 303: Designing the Perfect Fight Scene

Stories come alive as we discuss some of the core components of designing fun, imaginative fight scenes. Students get the chance to explore different cultures across the globe and learn how to integrate that knowledge into their stories.


Workshops are energetic but organized, and I always set aside time for participants to practice the various concepts discussed. Teachers have loved the events, calling them ‘inspiring,’ ‘an incredible opportunity,’ and ‘super fun and engaging!’ References from educators are available on request.


If any of these author classroom visits sound like something your school or organization would enjoy participating in, drop me a line over on my contact page, and we’ll get something on the calendar. I can’t wait to connect to your classroom and the next cohort of epic authors.