Classroom Resources

I've visited classrooms all across the United States, teaching students the methods and resources I use when writing my own books. The workshops inspired me to put together fun classroom resources to help guide and harness the creativity of new writers. Below, you'll find info graphs, presentations, and worksheets designed to help your students create characters, plot out their stories, and more.  

Tools For Designing Wickedly Cool Characters

Character Creation Info Graph: A simple method to design fun, memorable characters.

Character Creation Cards: Everything your students need to construct epic characters.


Want to see how I use this method to build characters in my books? Meet my main character Niklas by checking out Chapter 1 of Tyrants and Traitors. Can you figure out his exaggerated personality traits?

Storyboarding Epic Adventures

Storyboarding 101: A step by step guide to plotting out a story.

Plot Creation Canvas: A framework for your students to storyboard their great adventure. 


Want to see some pretty epic setbacks? Check out how I used setbacks to keep things exciting in Chapter 2 of Tyrants and Traitors. What setback does this chapter end on?