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“Find the traitor hiding within Israel,” the seer warns Niklas, “or our nation will be enslaved and your hometown slaughtered.”

So no pressure.

Niklas, a fifteen-year-old shepherd, spent his whole life dreaming of revolt against the hygiene-adverse Philistines, but when the all-but-impossible mission is thrust upon the him, he starts to rethink the whole hero business. What chance does the daring schemer have when lions, the Mad King, and a literal giant stand in his way?

As Niklas races to uncover the hidden traitor, conspiracies and armies converge on the nation with his hometown directly in the crossfire.

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Praise for the Book

“Alternately bloody and violent, sharp and witty, and historical yet supernatural, Tyrants and Traitors… is a thrill to read.” The Isthmus

“Young adults will find this story and evolution not just gripping, but containing the rare ability to thoroughly immerse its readers in a saga replete with surprises, a hint of the supernatural, and fast-paced action as it retells the original story of the giant-slayer by giving events an entirely new twist and perspective.” Midwest Book Review

“With a realistic cast of characters… it provides an excellent introduction to a promising new YA series. Miller accepted the challenge of creating a story for young adults that housed light and hope and has succeeded in that challenge.” The Englewood Review

“The style is very engaging, as well as amusing. There were many times where I found myself laughing while reading this book… I recommend this book to those who enjoy adventures, ancient civilizations, and some plot twists. And I will definitely be reading the sequel.” Flavia the Bibliophile


Described as the snarky lovechild of JK Rowling and CS Lewis, Tyrants and Traitors is a fantastical re-imagining of King David, geared toward young adults. It’s not meant to be a 100% historically faithful rendition of his life, but a retelling designed to entertain and inspire. It released October 10th, 2016 and was published by Blue Ink Press. You can purchase a physical or electronic copy at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or any of your local Madison bookstores.


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